PANTHERx® Announces Culinary Sponsorship for “Savor Pittsburgh”

PANTHERx® Specialty Pharmacy is proud to announce a “Culinary Sponsorship” for Savor Pittsburgh, which will be held on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at the Petersen Events Center. At this event, chefs from across the Pittsburgh area will compete for the “Dish of the Year” award. Attendees will have the opportunity to try different appetizers, cocktails, entrees, and deserts.

This will be the 12th annual Savor Pittsburgh, a fundraiser for Magee-Womens Research Institute. Participating restaurants and information about tickets can be found at their website:

About Magee-Womens Research Institute:

Magee-Womens Research Institute performs research completely focused on women’s health, and is the largest such institute in the United States. Its research spans the entire lifetime of women, from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood, and across different physiological aspects of women’s health. You can find out more about Magee-Womens Research Institute here.

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