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Prescriber FAQ

What is the anticipated turn-around time once a referral is submitted?
At PANTHERx® Specialty, we guarantee a one-hour turn-around on your referral – we’ll initial processing within the hour that we’ve received your referral.  The sooner we can determine if your patient can be serviced through us, the better (otherwise, we’ll help you to get the patient to the more appropriate specialty pharmacy)
Will you manage the PA process for me?
Whenever allowed by the insurance provider, we will initiate and facilitate the prior authorization process for you, including completing the appropriate forms before faxing it to you for approval. The more support we can provide, the more you can rely on our expertise to help expedite the patient’s time-to-fill.
What do I do once I complete the PA?
Authorizations shouldn’t hold up a patient from initiating care and one misstep can add time to a patient initiating therapy. We will provide you guidance prior to submission to ensure it goes to the right place the first time.