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Susan Faust

SVP, Head of Markets

Susan Faust joins PANTHERx as Senior Vice President and Head of Markets, responsible for rare and orphan pharmaceutical sales, business development, contracting, and payer sales and relations. She has more than three decades of experience, most recently as part of the executive team of Diplomat with responsibilities for specialty infusion, payer strategies, account management, and business development. Faust also held leadership positions at Accredo and Medco, where she was responsible for the development and execution of the strategic payer initiatives including contracts administration and payer reporting.

Faust served on the Board of Governors of PCMA, acted as a faculty speaker for Pinsonault and Zitter Group, and has presented at Medco Symposiums. She received a Bachelor of Arts from St. Norbert College and a Certificate de Commerce and d’Industrie from the Universite de Paris (Alliance Francaise).