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Dr. Gordon J. Vanscoy Pharm.D., CACP, MBA

Chairman and CEO, PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy; and Associate Dean for Business Innovation, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

With more than three decades of executive experience creating and developing successful medical and pharmaceutical businesses, Dr. Gordon Vanscoy is a leader in the health care industry. Dr. Vanscoy is the founding Chairman and CEO of PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy (SP), the nation’s leading rare disease and orphan drug-focused specialty pharmacy headquartered here in Pittsburgh. He is also the Chairman and CEO of RareMed Solutions, the nation’s only pharmacy hub focused purely on patients living with rare and devastating diseases. Prior to his work with PANTHERx and RareMed, Dr. Vanscoy developed 7 health care companies while concurrently serving the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy in various leadership capacities for over 31 years. Today, Dr. Vanscoy serves as Pitt’s Associate Dean for Business Innovation and Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Therapeutics.

Dr. Vanscoy received his Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy and Masters of Business Administration degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, and his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Duquesne University. He completed an ASHP-accredited residency at The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh and a faculty fellowship in geriatrics at the University of Pittsburgh Geriatric Education Center.

In addition to his business accomplishments, Dr. Vanscoy has an impeccable academic record with a multitude of scientific publications, research grants, and educational awards. He also serves on several boards of directors, including the board of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy.