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Amber Walker

Vice President, Head of Markets

Amber’s specialty pharmacy career has spanned over 15 years with three of the industry’s most predominant organizations. From Accredo, to McKesson Specialty Pharmacy, to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, she has held positions in operations, physician sales and pharmaceutical account management. For the past 6 years, Amber was responsible for the development and management of Walgreens intricate pharmacy programs, focusing in the rare and orphan disease states. During that time, she managed relationships with multiple exclusive and limited pharmaceutical manufacturer organizations, creating diverse patient programs to educate patients on their therapy, while at the same time maximizing access to the medication. Amber managed the implementation of a national, managed care strategy to launch exclusive and limited access medications for Walgreens. As the Vice President and Head of Markets for PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy, Amber is dedicated to enhancing the rare and orphan pharmaceutical strategy, as well as expanding managed care relationships across the country.