Introducing Hope & Rex to the PANTHERx® Specialty Family

Meet Hope and Rex, the panthers of PANTHERx®. Panthers are known for their agility, their tenacity, and their cunning nature, three things that our founders all envisioned PANTHERx® to be as a leader in our industry. While these attributes continue to drive us, what makes PANTHERx® unique is our personal touch, and the relationships that we have built and continue to foster with patients, prescribers, partners, payers, and even our own staff.

Hope and Rex personify what PANTHERx® values at its core: relationships, the caring love of a parent for their child. Carefully decided by our employees, the smaller panther is named Rex and his mother is named Hope. Rex, because at the heart of what we do, PANTHERx® is a team of the best rare disorder medication (Rx) experts in the country. We work with our physician specialists to deliver unparalleled care to people living with rare and devastating conditions. PANTHERx® excels by seamlessly bridging the continuum of care that exists between patient, pharmacy, and prescriber.

Hope, the panther mom, is named for the role PANTHERx® plays in connecting patients who have rare and devastating conditions with the life changing medications that they so desperately need. Like a mother’s protective oversight and caring for her child, PANTHERx® is on a valuable mission of relieving as much of the burden as possible from our patients, by providing resources and aiding their management of rare disease medications. Our goal is to always keep our patients safe from side effects and to insure they benefit maximally from their life enhancing medications.

At PANTHERx®, we have a responsibility to each and every patient we serve, and we take that responsibility very seriously. PANTHERx® is not content with simply delivering prescriptions, but instead we go the extra mile by providing white-glove services to our patients, which provide them with the opportunity and hope of better life. Just as Rex and Hope accompany one another, life-saving prescription medicine and positive patient outcomes go hand-in-hand. With courage and discipline, we work harder and smarter each day to deliver unsurpassed medication experiences for our patients and partners. We live and breathe our prescription (Rx) or “Rex for Hope”, and this panther mom and cub exemplify our journey.

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