Complete Clinical CareAt PANTHERx® Specialty, we strive to make the process of referring patients to our service a quick and easy process. Our team of clinical pharmacists and intake specialists will quickly review referrals and begin the enrollment process. The billing team will immediately begin the Prior Authorization process, and complete the process entirely to remove any unnecessary burden from your office. Our team handles as much of the administrative tasks as possible to allow you to focus on what is most important – taking care of your patients! Additionally, office staff can log onto our prescriber portal to check the real-time status of any pending referral, review notes uploaded by our pharmacy staff, and review documents submitted to and received from the insurance company.

When you begin working with PANTHERx, you can be assured we strive for 100% satisfaction for both our patients and prescribers – as part of this pledge, we offer the following:

  • Prior Authorization Support
    Our dedicated insurance support team identifies appropriate insurance paperwork necessary for product approval, and completes the majority of administrative tasks and phone calls that prevent you from spending time with your patients. Industry-leading turnaround times for all new referrals is our goal, and we aggressively pursue authorization approval, including appeal support, to ensure our mutual patients are started promptly on their prescribed medications.
  • Simplified Communications
    We recognize you don’t have time to navigate complicated phone trees, wait on hold, or be transferred to multiple different departments. Our goal is one-call resolution, and after navigating a simple phone queue system to triage to the appropriate individual – you are transferred to a live person for assistance. Our staff also frequently communicates with prescribers via email or other preferred communication methods in order to seamlessly fit into your practice and to take the best possible care of our mutual patients.
  • High-touch Patient Management
    PANTHERx pharmacists utilize a state-of-the-art patient management system with high-touch, drug specific clinical programs to ensure our patients receive comprehensive clinical education, drug utilization review, and side effect management ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes.
  • Financial Assistance
    Due to the high-cost nature of specialty medications, it is commonplace for patients to need some form of financial assistance in order to be able to afford the medication. In order to lessen the burden and to ensure patients receive the prescribed therapies, we actively work with all manufacturer co-pay programs and foundations to ensure cost is not a factor for access to therapy.
  • Online Access
    Prescribers have real-time access to mutual patient’s records through our prescriber portal. Prescribers have access to shipment history, communications regarding adherence, access to progress notes entered by clinical staff, refill authorizations, and much more by visiting We recognize your practice is very busy and you may not have the time to call in to the pharmacy to check on the status of multiple referrals for multiple prescribers – this can be done simply, securely, and quickly via our prescriber portal.
  • 24/7 Availability
    PANTHERx clinicians are available 24/7 for both patients and prescribers. We’re just a call away, any time of day to answer any question you might have.
  • Product Availability
    PANTHERx has access to a number of Limited Distribution Products, and keeps a large inventory of specialty medications to meet the needs of your patients. We offer fast, reliable delivery of medications to patients and proactively contact patients to setup refills to ensure patients are compliant with their prescribed therapy.

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