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PANTHERx® Specialty is not only dedicated to helping its patients and healthcare providers, but also the payor groups who utilize our services.

We will work to help control costs while still providing your members with the highest standard of care which we demand of ourselves.

Your members and their physicians will have access to multiple drugs in nearly every therapy class to ensure prompt and proper treatment. They will also have the benefit of proactive adherence/refill reminder calls coupled with multiple technologies such as an interactive phone system, e-mail, and a web-based portal to make getting a refill as convenient as possible.

However possibly the greatest benefit to your members is the PANTHERx staff. The specialty staff has great clinical experience and expertise in a wide range of disease states and therapies. This can help to educate your member about his or her disease at any time of the day thanks to our 24/7 call support.

Altogether the services PANTHERx offers will help lower costs inherently by utilizing technology and expertise to allow your member to use his or her medicine to maximize its potential and reach health and outcomes goals.

Work With Us.
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