PANTHERx® Featured in Specialty Pharmacy Continuum

PANTHERx® Specialty Pharmacy’s Fellowship program was featured in an article published by Specialty Pharmacy Continuum on April 11, 2018. The fellowship is designed to help address an emerging need in pharmacy – professionals with experience and specializations in both the business and clinical aspects of specialty pharmacy. During the fellowship, the fellows rotate through different departments learning about business and pharmacy operations; quality improvement and clinical education; pharmacy analytics and reporting; and business development, and also strategic partnerships and managed markets. By the completion of the term, fellows are expected to coordinate and complete a focused research project and submit a manuscript of the work to a peer-reviewed journal.

The Specialty Pharmacy Continuum ( covers news and information relevant to specialty pharmacists, home infusion practitioners, managed care organizations, and other key providers of specialty pharmacy.

PANTHERx® sees this fellowship as an opportunity to not only develop and nurture new talent for specialty pharmacies, but also as a means to build relationships with talented young pharmacy professionals. In the article, Doug Gebhard, PharmD, MBA, the PANTHERx® Specialty Pharmacy’s Vice President of Quality and Education discussed the benefit of this program to PANTHERx® – “The ultimate goal is to create a pipeline of talented individuals who we can develop internally and then recruit into a role within the organization.”

The article also discussed the experience of PANTHERx®’s first fellow, Matt Misorski, PharmD. You can read about his experience by visiting this link (subscription required).

You can learn more about the fellowship at this link or e-mail Applications have already been closed for the upcoming fellowship term that starts in July, but applicants for future fellowships are already under consideration.

PANTHERx® Named Finalist for Specialty Pharmacy 2018 Patient Choice Awards

pantherx zitter health insightsFollowing up on our win in the inaugural Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award last year, PANTHERx® is excited to be recognized for the second consecutive year as a finalist in the Non-PMB/Payer Specialty Pharmacy category for the second annual Patient Choice Awards taking place at Asembia 2018 Specialty Pharmacy Summit.

“This is probably the best part of this Asembia meeting and, quite frankly, our entire year. Satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success, so our patients are really our primary focus,” remarked Dr. Gordon J. Vanscoy, PANTHERx® Chairman and CEO.

The Patient Choice Awards are presented by Specialty Pharmacy Times (an online and print publication dedicated to the practice of specialty pharmacy) and Zitter Health Insights, a business intelligence firm for specialty pharmacies and other life science focused companies. The awards recognize finalists in two categories – “Pharmacy Benefit Management/Payer Specialty Pharmacy” and “non-Pharmacy Benefit Management/Payer Specialty Pharmacy”.

PANTHERx® Specialty Pharmacy won the inaugural Patient Choice Award in the non-Pharmacy Benefit Management/Payer Specialty Pharmacy category. Finalists are chosen based on their scores in the quarterly Zitter Health Insights Patient Satisfaction Survey. PANTHERx® has followed up its win for the 2016 survey performance with first place finishes in two of the four quarters during this past year.

These awards hold a special significance to PANTHERx®. In our mission to Redefine Care through Uncompromising Quality and Authentic Dedication, PANTHERx® seeks to raise the bar for the quality of care that patients afflicted with rare and complex diseases.

The Specialty Pharmacy 2018 Patient Choice Awards will take place at the 2018 Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas on April 30.®-Zitter-Health-Insights-Ho