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Students examining a specially-designed refrigerator unit at PANTHERx®.

Over the last few weeks, PANTHERx® Specialty Pharmacy has teamed with the Consortium for Public Education to provide students with the opportunities to apply STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skills to real-life workplace challenges. We have had the pleasure of hosting teams from the Avonworth and Blackhawk school districts and have been immensely impressed by how innovative, progressive, and smart these young students are. On November 16 we were visited by Avonworth, and the next week on November 23, we hosted students from Blackhawk.

Specialty pharmacies face a unique set of patient challenges due to volatile and sensitive nature of the treatments we provide. This includes medications that require refrigerators to maintain a specific temperature.  Our discussions with the students from both school districts specifically assessed how we could improve these technologies to better serve our patients.

PANTHERx® Vice President, Business Operations Jonathan Ogurchak was very enthusiastic when asked about the program: “Through our continuous commitment to education at all levels, we realized that high school students are more prepared than ever to contribute in a modern workplace like PANTHERx Specialty.  By partnering with the Consortium for Public Education to empower these workplace-centric learning opportunities, we have a unique opportunity to give students a view into an industry as innovative as specialty pharmacy.  I’m really looking forward to future collaborations with the Consortium, and excited to see a presentation from this eager group of students with whom we’ve already met!”

Press Release: PANTHERx Ranks #1 in Patient Satisfaction

The press release below appears on PR Newswire.

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy was recently ranked #1 in the Zitter Health Insights Patient Satisfaction Survey for Q3 2016. PANTHERx received one of the highest scores ever attained since the study, which assesses all specialty pharmacies in the U.S., was created in 2014.

The Zitter Health Insights survey assesses numerous aspects ofpantherx zitter health insights patient satisfaction and analyzes responses from more than 10,000 specialty pharmacy patients across all specialty pharmacies every year. By leveraging an external party to aggregate unbiased patient feedback, specialty pharmacies are able to objectively assess how they are perceived by their patients as well as benchmark how they compare to competitor performance in the areas of patient perception, access, and adherence.

The overall key measure of the survey is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) – an index of -100 to 100 that measures patients’ willingness to recommend their pharmacy to others. PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy’s NPS across all categories was 98. This score is the highest across all pharmacies assessed and 47 points higher than the average of all 38 U.S. specialty pharmacies evaluated in the survey.

“We are honored and feel that these results further validate our mission to redefine the care that is provided in Specialty Pharmacy.” says PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy CEO, Dr. Gordon Vanscoy. “Having our patient’s voice heard and knowing they value our high-touch approach is credit to the great team of colleagues at PANTHERx who go out of their way each and every day to make sure our patient’s unique needs are met.”

A 98 is one of the highest scores ever achieved by any specialty pharmacy surveyed by Zitter Health Insights over the past 2 years that it has been conducting the survey, and 24 points higher than second place, Amber Pharmacy, which scored a 74 within the same survey period between August 1st and October 24th 2016.

“We firmly believe that patient satisfaction plays a pivotal role in medication adherence and enhances our ability to educate patients on their therapy.” says Dr. Douglas Gebhard, VP of Quality & Education at PANTHERx. “Having direct and unfiltered insights from our patients enables us to systematically improve the quality of care and promote positive patient outcomes.”

In addition, Zitter Health Insights is able to break out results for individual therapeutic categories which showed PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy among the top in many categories and led in the HIV therapeutic category with an NPS of 100.

The NPS is determined by asking patients on a scale of 0 to 10 how likely they would be to recommend a friend/family member to PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy. Patients responding with a 9 or 10 improve the score, while patient’s responding with 0 to 6, detract from the overall score. Approximately 81 percent of patients rated PANTHERx a “10,” and 18 percent of patients gave PANTHERx a rating of “9,” resulting in a total of 98 percent of patients giving PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy the highest rating possible.