Recapping HPP Awareness Week

Did you know? HPP Awareness week runs every year in late October, and is intended to provide education and information regarding the rare disease of hypophosphatasia.

About HPP

Hypophosphatasia is a rare and potentially fatal disease that interferes with mineralization, an essential process that promotes the development of bones and teeth. It is necessary to ensure that bones and teeth are strong and rigid. This disease is a result of mutations in the ALPL gene whose function is to create an enzyme called alkaline phosphatase.

The symptoms of hypophosphatasia can manifest at any point of someone’s life — as early as as pre-birth but as late as adulthood. This disease weakens and softens the bones, causing for abnormal skeletal growth that result in abnormally short limbs, soft skulls, or other unusual bone growths. Additionally, this might also result in hypercalcemia, kidney issues, and/or respiratory issues. Cases of hypophosphatasia that occur early in life are usually more severe than those that occur in adulthood. This is disease is often compared to rickets, a childhood bone disorder where bones are softened due to a significant deficiency of vitamin D.

The Uncommon Strength Campaign

The Uncommon Strength campaign was started to raise awareness and recognition of the extraordinary levels of strength and courage of those suffering from rare diseases, as well as those that support them. The battles for those suffering from rare diseases are long and hard-fought, evidenced by Uncommon Strength’s statistic that the “average time from a person’s first symptom to an accurate diagnosis is approximately five years.” Uncommon Strength seeks for those with these life experiences to share their journeys as sources of strength for others with similar life circumstances.

PANTHERx® Specialty Pharmacy contributed to raising awareness during HPP Awareness week by participating in the Uncommon Strength website’s Build Your Hero feature. Pictured below is a number of our staff showing off their hero creations!

HPP Awareness Week

Dr. Gordon J. Vanscoy Named to Pittsburgh “Smart 50”

On November 10th, PANTHERx Chairman and CEO Dr. Gordon J. Vanscoy was named to the “2016 Pittsburgh Smart 50,” which honors the top executives at the “50 smartest companies in Pittsburgh” for their leadership and contributions to the companies they have built.

From the website of Smart Business:

“Chairman and CEO Gordon J. Vanscoy, PharmD, possess three decades of executive experience, creating and leading successful medical/pharmaceutical service businesses. Vanscoy is also the associate dean for business innovation and associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.

From its start in 2011, PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy sought to reinvent specialty pharmacy, revolutionize pharmacy and redefine care. With three former students, Vanscoy positioned PANTHERx in the niche of managing rare and devastating diseases, including those requiring personalized or orphan drugs. The big specialty pharmacies weren’t geared for the unique needs of these complex disorders; PANTHERx was.

PANTHERx landed an exclusive biotech partnership in 2015, managing a new life-saving orphan drug for the entire country. Since, the company expanded to a state-of-the-art facility to keep up with the growth.

In addition to new agreements with states, health plans and prescriber offices, the biotechnology industry now routinely seeks out PANTHERx as the rare disease partner to help launch new medicines.”

You can find out more about the Smart 50 at this link.